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Secret Gangster is actually just a bunch of ducklings all mashed together. All we can be sure of is that he is an enigma wrapped inside a riddle. He’s like a soft wind on a warm night, or a phantom that brings you candy. 

Legend has it that if you dance in the moonlight around a midi controller Secret Gangster will appear and eat forest berries right out of your hand. Just don’t get too close or he will descend upon you with a mighty fury. He’s like a big ol’ kitty cat with his tum tum exposed. So gentle… but it’s all a facade!

He’s a love bandit, a surly rapscallion with a heart of gold. When the mood strikes him he lashes out at his instruments causing a horrible, other-worldly raucous. We are powerless to stop him and have learned to just submit to his will. His ghost songs last for as long, or little, as his whims demand. When he has completed his grisly task the sky splits in twain and the Secret Gangster disappears once more.

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