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We are trash wizard

Trash Wizard is just a bunch of friends trying to promote each others stuff and find new, exciting, underground art to put in the spotlight. Our goal is to foster a tight-knit creative community of Iowa-based artists and give them a small platform to show off.

Trash wizard is an all-inclusive community project. We love and accept people from all walks of life. The weirder the better, really.

Trash Wizard is available for events, installations, commissions, and unusual project proposals. Collectively we produce several types of music. From rock to hip-hop to jazz, Trash Wizard has something for everyone. Our visual artists are usually available for events or commissions and more information can be found on their individual artist pages. We are good at all sorts of things, so if you think you might like to have us at your event please contact us at

The Team

Cody Pirko


Crick hinshaw


secret gangster


kyle anderson


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